This part of our website has been designed to support learning at home during the school closure caused by Covid19. Keep an eye on this page as we will be adding content regularly.

We have been informed by the Ministry of Education that the school holidays have moved forward. The school holidays will now be from the Monday 30th March to Tuesday 14th April. This means that we need to provide some learning for students until the end of this week (27th March). The shift of the holiday dates is to allow teachers more time to provide distance/online learning. At this point we don't have a date when school will start back. School will provide distance/online learning from the 14th April. Keep an eye on Educa and our school website 'Home Learning' page. 

22nd May - Latest Update

Please have a read of our latest update. 

Learning at Home

Please take the time to read the PDF file about learning at home. This provides you lots of information to support your learning at home approach over the next few weeks. 

Tips for students working at home

Now that the school building is closed and we aren’t meeting in person every day, it doesn’t mean you will lose contact with your teachers and classmates.  We are going to keep you connected but it will be a bit different.

To make the most of this experience we have a few suggestions and guidelines for you!     

1—Establish Routines. You’ll have a lot of freedom to set your own schedule, and with that freedom also comes procrastination, but you already know that! It can be helpful to keep to a schedule and your family can help with that. By setting aside the same time each day you can stay on-track but we all need rest too, so if your family decides to do something different altogether, that is cool too.

 2—Find a good work space. Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. It can be helpful to sit near someone else who is working in a focussed way as well.  If you have siblings, don’t fight over the technology. You can share. 

3—Check for messages from your teacher. Start your day by checking your email, our website, Educa, google classroom, etc.   

4—Establish times for quiet and reflection. Everyone needs down time to reflect and relax. This school closure may be difficult in unexpected ways. Keeping a journal and making time to reflect on this experience can help you process it.    

5—Make sure to exercise. Studies show that exercise not only makes you healthier, it can make you happier and more productive. Put time aside each day to move around.   

6—Use Tech as a Tool and don’t spend your whole day in front of the computer. It’s easy to get distracted by games or YouTube. Make sure to use it as a tool, not just a source of entertainment.  

7—Remember our values when you chat or post on social media. Take extra care to be kind and  respectful on chat and commenting. On digital platforms it is difficult for others to read your tone, and comments and posts made in the heat of the moment live for far longer than words spoken in person. If you find yourself in a challenging social situation, reach out to a trusted adult for help.  Be kind and caring.    


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